Hi, you’ve reached Greenlite Building Physics.

Unfortunately, we’re no longer taking on new appointments. The good news, however, is that Richard Tibenham, director at Greenlite Building Physics, has moved on to a new position at industry leaders, IES.

If you have a project that you would like the IES Consultancy team to review, we’d love to discuss your requirements further.


An innovator in sustainable analysis technology, IES provides solutions to create cost and resource-effective environments. With 25 years in the industry, IES is known for integrated performance-based analysis, helping people to make more sustainable decisions with confidence.

Our core service offerings are:

Highly Skilled Consultancy Team
Providing high-value, complex work solutions to ensure you get the insight and guidance you need.
Professional Experience & Advice
From the initial concept right through to post-occupancy operation, IES offers a host of services to help you meet your project’s objectives throughout every design stage.
Providing A Supportive Role
Our experience in providing a varied range of services means that we can provide a unique take on your personal situation and provide a bespoke solution that saves you time and money.
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UK Consultancy Initiatives
Over the years, we have worked on developing and improving our systems and solutions to suit a wide range of high-profile projects all around the world; let us use all we’ve learned to help you too.
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Our Consultancy Services

Here Is What’s Involved In Your Scoping Call

Your Scoping Call is all about making sure that we can provide you with the solution that you need, from gaining an understanding of your requirements to providing you with insights into the latest regulatory developments and what this means for you.

To truly give you the solution you need to meet your objectives, we take the time to understand your specific project requirements. This is key to ensuring you get a solution that is right for you, with the help of trustworthy advice along the way.

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