“Richard at Greenlite has worked on a number of projects with myself ranging from schools ensuring BB101 compliance through to more complex museums with high control requirements to meet PD:5454 for storage of valuable historical artefacts.

With the museum there was a fine balance between ensuring Part L2A compliance whilst meeting the requirement to store artefacts, the two of which do not go hand in hand. Regardless, Richard again delivered a report with recommendations on how to meet both requirements. On the same project, Greenlite has successfully provided reports such as a recent cooling load requirement analysis to reduce energy consumption. The original consultant’s report, which provided limited information, did not investigate the proposed options set out by Richard. We were able to completely review the cooling strategy and omit the requirement for an air conditioning assisted night time purge ventilation strategy. This reduced energy requirement as well as saving our build cost, effectively covering the fees we incurred. Richard’s proactive approach and knowledge was the pillar of this investigation, as he even recommended reviewing the original information as the figures appeared ‘out of place’ at a glance, just from his experience.

Not only do we feel confident that Greenlite is able to provide sound information, we also are happy in the knowledge that Richard will go above and beyond to provide additional information to improve our projects environmental impact and advise on commercial impacts. The reports provided are professional and informative, providing simplified explanation in-between the detailed information to allow good understanding by all. This allows us to convey information to the project team with ease and progress the design development efficiently, whereas with others I have found, the graphs and tables can leave builders and architects confused.

To summarise the above, we receive a proactive comprehensive service from Greenlite which I can deliver with confidence. I would only go to Richard for any projects I have moving forward and my view is mirrored within by company.”

Luke Pannell
Acorn MPS, Leicester

“The University of Lincoln engaged Greenlite Energy Assessors to conduct an overheating analysis of the gallery space within the AAD East building. The space suffers from prolonged overheating problems during much of the year and therefore Greenlite were appointed to investigate remedial measures.

Greenlite undertook a number of investigations using Dynamic Thermal Modelling and Computational Fluid Dynamics methods. The report that Greenlite provided covered a number of corrective approaches, detailing the pros and cons of each approach along with the cost implications for each. Overall recommendations for the space were finally discussed.

Greenlite fully met the scope of works the University required of them in a thorough, detailed and timely manner. Value has been added through experience and knowledge and the use of software and skills unavailable within the University. The University has been very happy with the service provided.”

Jena Arnold
Assistant Project Manager, University of Lincoln Estates Dept.

“After working with many consultants who provide us with thermal models and the like, we have found the reports from Greenlite to be of the best quality and have provided an outstanding level of detail.

The reports break down each component of the model into detailed yet easy to follow sections. The layout and format of the reports enable us to sit down with our clients and easily explain the benefits of one course of action over another. This in particular is of great benefit and is something that we have not found elsewhere.

Richard guides us through any issues which may arise and offers advice on resolutions, this is often provided with supporting graphs/charts which again help us to easily relay the information to our clients to keep them in the loop.

We have had very positive comments from our clients and consultants regarding the quality of Greenlite reports each and every time we have used them.”

David Pywell
Design Engineer, Mellor Bromley ACS Ltd

"Thank you so much for all the assistance you gave us on the Hillside project, the final product is performing really well and just as you predicted. In fact we have not been using any radiator heating so far since moving in, we are just running the wood burner when the indoor temperature drops below 18 degrees, which is about once or twice a week, and even then we light it and let it go out as that seems to be just right to nudge the temperature up a couple of degrees."

Ian de-Peyrecave
Perry and Bell Architects, London

"QED have worked with Greenlight Energy Assessors on various projects over the past few months in order to obtain EPCs, BRUKL documents and AM11 compliant thermal comfort reports. Richard has also assisted with providing information required for satisfying the requirements of the BREEAM Ene01 Credit on various retail outlet projects.

We would like to acknowledge Richard’s professionalism and thoroughness borne out by his attention to detail in all areas of the process.

It has been a pleasure to work with Richard, who is one of the few assessors we have experienced who clearly understands at a detailed level, M&E services and the way in which services impact upon the likely asset rating of a building."

Pete Fitt
QED Building Services Consultancy

"The complexity and lightweight construction of the building posed a number of issues when trying to satisfy CIBSE TM52 overheating criteria and also achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating. Greenlite utilised an extensive range of IES software to assist MIES throughout the design process and proposed a number of solutions that were put forward to the Clients Design Team. The Thermal Comfort and Part L Compliance Reports were well presented and structured so that information could be easily reviewed. We have been extremely impressed with the level of detail in the information produced by Greenlite and look forward to working closely with them again in the future."

James Gilmour
Design Manager, MIES Building Services

"Place Architecture worked with Greenlite Energy Assessors to carry out an overheating analysis on The Terrace, Lincoln. The building experiences significant overheating for prolonged periods throughout the year, which leads to uncomfortable working conditions for the occupants. Due to the sensitive context of the building, the remedial measures proposed had to be both effective in reducing the amount of solar gain received by the building as well as being aesthetically considered which meant that a close relationship between ourselves and GEA had to be established.

GEA carried out a thorough survey of the existing building, which took into account the existing built form and fabric, use and activity within the affected areas, once this information was modelled it produced accurate data output that reflected the temperatures and conditions recorded by the occupants.

The use of the thermal model was integral in ensuring that effective remedial measures were proposed. The recommended solution was an amalgamation of various solar gain reduction methods, that were proposed for both their performance and visual impact.

Throughout the process there was consistent communication and fluidity between GEA and ourselves which enabled the thermal modelling and the architectural response to evolve together and support each other, providing the optimum remedial outcome."

Stephen Palmer
Director, Place Architecture

“Sabin Consulting Engineers has worked together with Greenlite on a variety of projects. Greenlite has always met the project deadlines and has provided a valuable service that has contributed to the overall success of our projects. Richard is knowledgeable, courteous, and easy to work with. Greenlite is our preferred supplier for Energy Assessments and Thermal Modelling.”

Kevin Sabin
Director, Sabin Consulting Engineers

"QED have commissioned Richard, from Greenlite, on numerous projects over the past two years. The modelling requirements have varied in terms of complexity from SBEM calculations, EPC’s, Dynamic Thermal Modelling, Overheating assessments / reports etc.

A recent project that Greenlite assisted QED with involved carrying out Level 5 Dynamic Thermal Modelling works for a new build academy school in Croydon. Greenlite’s scope was to carry out the thermal comfort assessment to demonstrate compliance with BB101 and to carry out the SBEM calculations to demonstrate full compliance with the Approved Document Part L2A. This building was also subject to the London Plan, so it also had to be demonstrated that a 35% reduction in CO2 emissions beyond a minimum ADL2A was being achieved (via the use of a large PV array). The ventilation design approach on this project was by passive means via three levels of openable windows working in conjunction with night-time fabric cooling via high level automated damper/louvres.

Richards proposed approach to multi-zone the various spaces, to better reflect the air movement by natural means, paid dividends when demonstrating that the resulting comfort conditions would satisfy the requirements of BB101.

Richards understanding of HVAC and lighting systems and his depth of knowledge associated with this, together with his ability (and passion) to very accurately dynamically model a building with its various M&E systems and controls is second to none. Greenlite’s reports are very thorough / very informative and are precise in documenting exactly what data has been incorporated within the dynamic model.

We are currently in discussions with Greenlite regarding modelling works for a large project where the use of phase-change materials and phase change AHU’s are going to be considered / explored via Dynamic Thermal Modelling simulations."

Jim Palmer BSc(Hons) CEng MCIBSE
Director, Quality Engineering Design (Consulting Engineers Ltd)

“MIES Building Services have employed Greenlite Energy Assessors to carry out Dynamic Thermal Models, Overheating & Air Quality Assessments, Part L compliance reports and produce BRUKL and EPC documents for a wide range of projects over the past few years. The varying complexity and conditions of these projects required a professional and enthusiastic approach to produce the level of technical detail and understanding to accurately identify risks within these projects.

Greenlite Energy Assessors have consistently delivered exceptional attention to detail, structure and presentation of all the assessments in question and more than often operated above and beyond their contractual brief to deliver sensitive and tangible solutions that could be proactively applied to the design process. The information presented is clear and concise, and demonstrates a genuine understanding and passion to all elements involved in the assessment process.

A most notable recent project involved a Dynamic Thermal Model incorporating TM59 and TM52 overheating criteria for a large extra care facility. Greenlite Energy Assessors produced an extremely detailed assessment outlining all the risks involved, whilst also making some excellent recommendations on how to mitigate these risks and further develop the design strategy to provide an exceptional level of thermal comfort to the occupants. This was further reinforced by supporting calculations for the mitigation process which allowed MIES to seamlessly incorporate these measures into our design and present an accurate and concise justification to the client.

These details demonstrate Greenlite’s reputation on not just delivering outstanding quality of information but also demonstrating a level of passion which translates and ultimately results in an easier design process, and a better environment within buildings with high levels of satisfaction from end users, facility managers, and clients.”

Tim Horton
MIES Building Services

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