Social Responsibility

Each year Greenlite Energy Assessors select a charity to receive charitable donations at a fixed percentage of annual sales. These charities align with our philosophy of sustainability and equality and form part of our corporate social responsibility.

This year, our chosen charity is Positive Money (, who will receive 0.75% of annual sales in donations.

Positive Money describe themselves as;

‘A movement for a money and banking system that works for society and not against it. We’re campaigning for the power to create money to be used in the public interest, in a democratic, transparent and accountable way, rather than by the same banks that caused the financial crisis.’

Whilst not residing within the traditional domain of ‘sustainable issues’, a sustainable monetary system is critical in addressing many of the issues we see in the UK today, from fuel poverty to cures for terminal illnesses. The well documented ‘wealth gap’ is, in no small part, the product of an unsustainable, non-democratic and inequitable monetary system, working to the benefit of entrenched interests in the corridors of power. Greenlite Energy Assessors firmly believe that in order to address matters of sustainability in the real world, firstly the mode by which money is created and distributed must be revised, hence our support of this project.

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