Services Overview

Part L1A Compliance and EPCs for Domestic Buildings

We are able to recommend reliable practitioners to conduct Part L1A ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’ (SAP) calculations. For more information, contact us.

Part L2A Compliance and EPCs for Commercial Buildings

To check if it is necessary that your building requires Part L2A compliance, see our FAQ section. Take a look at the services we offer:

HVAC Systems Modelling

We use the IES Apache HVAC module within IES to accurately model HVAC systems behaviour.

Using this modelling tool we are able to input the specified systems parameters and report on the simulated thermal conditions, or advise upon the system parameters necessary to achieve a required outcome.

Design Evaluations

More often than not, thermal simulations are used as an assessment tool – to assess the outcome of a design specification which is already defined.

Super Low Energy Building Design

Greenlite Energy Assessors offer a range of services using dynamic thermal modelling to aid in the design of super low energy buildings.

Solar Thermal System Sizing/Analysis

Greenlite offer solar thermal systems sizing reports using T*Sol Professional simulation software.

When combined with thermal simulations calculated using IES Virtual Environment, we are able to offer a complete package assessing both system demands and system generation.

Thermal Bridging Psi-Value Calculations

Greenlite offer services to calculate non-repeating thermal bridging ‘psi-values’ using THERM two-dimensional building heat transfer modelling software.

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