Part L2A SBEM Assessments
for Commercial Buildings

  • Part L2A SBEM Assessments

The ‘Simplified Building Energy Model’ (SBEM) type of assessment is the more simplistic of the two Part L assessment procedures and also the most popular. This assessment is appropriate for all commercial schemes requiring Part L2A compliance, unless they involve specific design features which deem a level 5 DSM type assessment mandatory. The design features which trigger the requirement for a DSM assessment are:

  • Ventilation with enhanced thermal coupling to structure (eg; Tarmac Termodeck system)
  • Automatic blind control
  • Atria

Greenlite Energy Assessors normally recommend using an SBEM type assessment unless the building contains the design features listed above, or there are additional requirements for a more thorough thermal model, such as overheating analysis or systems sizing exercises, as described within our section on Part L DSM assessments.

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