Super Low Energy Building Design

  • Super Low Energy Building Design

Greenlite Energy Assessors offer a range of services using dynamic thermal modelling to aid in the design of super low energy buildings. These can be used to compliment designs co-ordinated using the Passivhaus Planning Pack (PHPP), as an alternative to PHPP –adopting Passivhaus principles, or as a tool to investigate a number of alternative strategies.

Whilst PHPP has a proven track record for providing exceptionally low-energy, high quality buildings, PHPP in itself is limited in some regards, which is where a DTM can offer benefits.

We have used dynamic thermal modelling to accurately size solar thermal heating systems which can be used to supplement space heating systems, and investigate the dynamics of how the building energy demand and generation behave.

A DTM can also be used to give a much more accurate prediction of overheating risk within a building, assess the performance of ventilation systems, check the likelihood for drafts or hot spots and assess the impact of thermal mass within the building.

An example of a super low energy building design report click here.

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