HVAC Systems Modelling

  • HVAC Systems Modelling

We use the Apache HVAC module within IES to accurately model HVAC systems behaviour.

Using this modelling tool we are able to input the specified systems parameters and report on the simulated thermal conditions, or advise upon the system parameters necessary to achieve a required outcome.

For example, a room may be provided with mechanical extract as a means of space cooling. You may want to know the flow rate necessary to maintain internal temperatures within a certain range.

You may be unsure upon the effect implementing different types of system controls. For example, a mechanical ventilation system may be proposed to be controlled via an external thermostat alone. Perhaps you want to study the impact upon space conditioning costs when these controls are expanded to include internal thermostats and CO2 sensors? Studies carried out by ourselves have demonstrated significant reductions in space heating demand, simply through the specification of appropriate controls.

The cost savings available from the inclusion of suitable controls may be significantly more than a photo-voltaic installation for example – but these savings will not be acknowledged until these calculations are carried out.

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