Case Study - Hillside Cottage, Hampshire

  • Hillside Cottage, Hampshire

Greenlite Energy Assessors were engaged by owner/builder and architect Ian de-Peyrecave of Perry and Bell Architects, London, to aid in the design of a super low energy dwelling in Hampshire. The design intent of the building was to maximise, so far as reasonably possible, space heating and hot water generation through the use of solar energy.

Greenlite Energy Assessors provided concept stage design advice concerning the selection of renewable energy systems and the locating there of, plus HVAC design advice, air tightness and construction fabric recommendations.

Thermal analysis of the building was undertaken using both IES and T*Sol simulation software. The principal purpose of the detailed analysis was to inform the sizing of an active solar heating system, which utilised heating inputs from solar thermal, solar PV and auxiliary sources, and included thermal storage within a large thermal store. The analysis provided a precise estimation of space heating and hot water demand, allowing for the active solar heating system to be sized accordingly.

Additional checks were carried out to establish whether an ‘earth pipe’ was a suitable investment as part of the mechanical ventilation system. Checks concerning indoor air quality and overheating risk were also made. Whilst the dwelling was built to ‘Passiv Haus principals’, detailed analysis of thermal conditions and HVAC system loads can only be established through the use of an accurate dynamic thermal model.

Upon completion, Ian comments;

"Thank you so much for all the assistance you gave us on the Hillside project, the final product is performing really well and just as you predicted. In fact we have not been using any radiator heating so far since moving in, we are just running the wood burner when the indoor temp drops below 18°C which is about once or twice a week, and even then we light it and let it go out as that seems to be just right to nudge temperature up a couple of degrees."

Greenlite did actually recommend a smaller fire than that finally installed; reassuring that the numbers don’t lie!


Guide to avoiding overheating in new buildings

Download the Dynamic Thermal Simulation & Systems Sizing Report


Download the Dynamic Thermal Simulation & Systems Sizing Report

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