Does my building require Part L2A compliance?

All new commercial buildings require either an SBEM or DSM TER/BER assessment, unless:

  1. The building is less than 50m² useful floor area.
  2. The building is neither heated and/or cooled.
  3. The building is a temporary building with a planned time of use of two years or less and does not include portable or modular buildings which have a planned service life greater than two years, whether on one or more sites.
  4. The building is a place of worship.
  5. The building or parts of the buildings where the space is not generally heated or cooled other than by process heat.
  6. The building or parts of the building require heating or cooling for short periods each year.
  7. The building is heated to temperatures substantially less than those normally provided for human comfort.

For full details see: Approved Document L2A 2013.

Which version of the regulations is applicable to my building?

Part L2A 2010 came into effect on 1st October 2010. Any building starting on site prior to this date shall be assessed under the 2006 regulations (or prior).

Part L2A 2013 came into effect on 6th April 2014. Any building starting on site after this period should be assessed under the 2013 regulations.

For confirmation of which version of the regulations your building is to be assessed under – always confirm with your building control officer.

I am building a shell-only speculative shell and core unit, do I still require Part L2A compliance?

Shell and core buildings require Part L2A compliance.

The process involves using ‘reasonable assumptions’ to estimate the specification of M&E systems in the building, and ensuring that the building ‘shell’ achieves compliance based upon these assumptions. If the end building occupier carrying out fit-out works has their own generic specification, this can be used to inform the ‘reasonable assumptions’ used within the assessment.

This results in essentially four Part L2A assessments being undertake – design and as-built ‘shell-only’ assessments, and design and as-built ‘as-fitted' assessments.

Our detailed Part L2A reports can be used as a guide to those carrying out fit-out works as an indication of the type of specification necessary to achieve compliance.

I require a Part L2A Assessment. What Information am I required to submit?

For the purposes of providing a quote, please provide GA, elevation and section drawings and a description of the proposed M&E systems.

Drawings should ideally be provided in pdf format. We also accept dwg and dwf formats.

For the completion of simulations, we require the information described in the following guide.

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