Part L2A DSM Assessments
for Commercial Buildings

  • Part L2A DSM Assessments

The ‘Dynamic Simulation Method’ (DSM) type of assessment is the more complex of the two Part L assessment procedures. The DSM assessment offers little benefit over the SBEM assessment method for Part L compliance work alone, however it can offer distinct benefits where further simulation works are required; for example overheating analysis, BB101 compliance or HVAC systems sizing calculations.

Further, a level 5 DSM assessment must be used where the building contains any of the following features:

  • Ventilation with enhanced thermal coupling to structure (eg; Tarmac Termodeck system)
  • Automatic blind control
  • Atria

Using the DSM mode of assessment allows a single geometric model to be utilised for a variety of purposes. The limitations of SBEM mean that this is not possible when using the SBEM procedure, which incurs the creation of two separate models and the subsequent data management of both models.

Greenlite Energy Assessors normally recommend using the DSM type assessment where the building contains any of the features listed above, or where additional thermal modelling exercises are required, such as overheating analysis, BB101 compliance or systems sizing exercises. Greenlite will offer advice in this regard on a project specific basis.

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