Design Evaluations

  • Design Evaluations

'Do I need to retain air conditioning if I specify bris soleil?'

'What is more effective – bris soleil or solar control glass?'

'What impact does installing daylight dimming controls have upon both the lighting and space cooling demand?'

'I don’t want to install air conditioning – will a night time purge ventilation system work?'

Answers to all these questions can be calculated within a thermal simulation. More often than not, thermal simulations are used as an assessment tool – to assess the outcome of a design specification which is already defined.

Thermal simulations can be used as an invaluable design tool however; informing the design process and preventing time and funds being wasted on design philosophies which are either inappropriate or poor value.

The low expenditure on a thermal model early within the design process can offer substantial cost savings later down the line.

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