Overheating Analysis BREEAM Hea 04

  • BREEAM Hea 04

The aim of BREEAM 2014 Hea 04; ‘Health and Wellbeing – Thermal Comfort’ (formally Hea 03 under BREEAM 2011) is to ensure that appropriate thermal comfort levels are achieved through the design of the building. The BREEAM issue covers elements subject to a thermal simulation and the specification of suitable controls, in order to ensure the thermal comfort of building occupants.

Under BREEAM 2014, for all buildings, Hea 04 is now subject to CIBSE Guide A or a relevant industry standard, and predictive mean vote (PMV) and percentage of people dissatisfied (PPD) metrics against ISO 7730:2005. For non-mechanically cooled buildings, CIBSE TM52 is also a requirement.

Greenlite offer thermal modelling services to address these criteria. See our pages on Overheating Analysis for further information, or to select an appropriate industry standard for your scheme.

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