BREEAM Credit Ene01 Reduction of C02 Emissions

The aim of BREEAM Ene 01; ‘Energy – Reduction of Energy Use and Carbon Emissions’ is to recognise and encourage buildings designed to minimise operational energy demand, consumption and CO2 emissions.

The assessment is based upon the ‘Brukl.inp’ file produced within a Part L2A compliance assessment and takes into account:

  • The building’s operational energy demand.
  • The energy delivered (consumption).
  • The total resulting CO2 emissions.

The calculation is determined using the following performance data from modelling the building’s specified/designed regulated fixed building services, as sourced from the approved building energy calculation software:

  1. Building floor area (m2)
  2. Notional building energy demand (MJ/m2)
  3. Actual building energy demand (MJ/m2)
  4. Notional building energy consumption (kWh/m2)
  5. Actual building energy consumption (kWh/m2)
  6. Target Emission Rate (kgCO2/m2)
  7. Building Emission Rate (kgCO2/m2)

This calculation is a relatively simple exercise which can be included as part of a standard Part L2A compliance assessment.

Note: As with any calculation based upon a Part L2A assessment – the calculated data is only as good as the data input into it. As a compliance assessment, a number of factors are prescribed, resulting in outcomes which may deviate significantly from those achieved in practice. If a more concise understanding of CO2 emission reductions or energy demand is required, it is recommended to carry out a design evaluation via a bespoke thermal simulation.

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