• Greenlite Energy Assessors provide a wide range of energy and thermo-dynamic assessment services for the construction industry.

  • We provide a range of thermo-dynamic modelling services to help avoid overheating risks and provide accurate HVAC systems sizing.

  • We provide a range of compliance services to address the building regulations Part L and BREEAM compliance issues.

East Midlands Energy Assessor of the Year Awards

Our services include

Why use our services?

Greenlite Energy Assessors provide a range of regulatory and building analysis services beyond those typically available.

It is widely documented that regulatory compliance procedures rarely provide an accurate prediction of building energy use. CIBSE suggest that new buildings typically consume 50-150% more energy than is predicted when using a Part L assessment or EPC. Whilst Greenlite do offer these standard services, we also offer our clients a portfolio of bespoke thermal and energy analysis surveys to better inform your decision making.

If you are serious about energy efficiency and thermal comfort and want to maximise the return on your investment, why not add the value a thermal simulation to your project?

Avoid Overheating

Guide to avoiding overheating in new buildings

Download our free guide to avoiding overheating in new buildings.

  • “Not only do we feel confident that Greenlite is able to provide sound information, we are also happy in the knowledge that Richard will go above and beyond to provide additional information to improve our projects environmental impact and advise on commercial impacts.”

    Luke Pannell
    Acorn MPS, Leicester

  • “We have found the reports from Greenlite to be of the best quality and have provided an outstanding level of detail.”

    David Pywell
    Design Engineer, Mellor Bromley ACS Ltd

  • “The final product is performing really well and just as you predicted.”

    Ian de-Peyrecave
    Perry and Bell Architects, London

  • “It has been a pleasure to work with Richard, who is one of the few assessors we have experienced who clearly understands at a detailed level, M&E services and the way in which services impact upon the likely asset rating of a building.”

    Pete Fitt
    QED Building Services Consultancy

  • “We have been extremely impressed with the level of detail in the information produced by Greenlite.”

    James Gilmour
    Design Manager, MIES Building Services

  • “Greenlite has always met the project deadlines and has provided a valuable service that has contributed to the overall success of our projects.”

    Kevin Sabin
    Director, Sabin Consulting Engineers

  • “Richard's understanding of HVAC and lighting systems and his depth of knowledge associated with this, together with his ability (and passion) to very accurately dynamically model a building with its various M&E systems and controls is second to none.”

    Jim Palmer BSc(Hons) CEng MCIBSE
    Director, Quality Engineering Design (Consulting Engineers Ltd)

  • “Greenlite Energy Assessors produced an extremely detailed assessment outlining all the risks involved, whilst also making some excellent recommendations on how to mitigate these risks and further develop the design strategy to provide an exceptional level of thermal comfort to the occupants.”

    Tim Horton
    MIES Building Services

  • “Greenlite Energy Assessors have consistently delivered exceptional attention to detail, structure and presentation of all the assessments in question and more than often operated above and beyond their contractual brief to deliver sensitive and tangible solutions that could be proactively applied to the design process.”

    Tim Horton
    MIES Building Services

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